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 Post subject: Dmpk - 80 warlock
PostPosted: Tue Feb 23, 2010 3:05 am 

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* Class ~Warlock
* Preferred spec ~ Affliction, destro for direct dmg fights (saurfang, dreamwalker)
* Profile or Armory link ~
* Please describe your wow experience ~icc 12/12 10 man, icc 11/12 25man. Full raid content Vanilla, tbc, and Wotlk up to the points listed above.


* Why do you want to join <Arisèn>? ~ I have changed my work scedule dramatically and am looking for a good late night raiding guild.
* Can anyone in <Arisèn> vouch for you? ~Patron raided with me 20 mins ago :0
* Why did you leave (or plan to leave) your current guild? ~ A combination of my raid hours changing, and a guild member (will talk to you in game if you need names) who stole 1400 gold from me.

If the answer to any of these questions is "no", you probably will not be accepted. Note that we will make exceptions for exceptional applicants, but liars are rejected on the spot.

* Is your <Arisèn> forum name the same as your character name? ~ No, its my OLD mains name (i always use the name overboard) Will change it if its really that big of a deal.
* Have you read the post "About Us", and are you comfortable with the guild goals and policies? ~Yes
* Is every possible item on your character enchanted / gemmed? (This includes legs, shoulders, back and head, and all possible gem slots filled) ~ For affliction yes. Destro, they are not as good, but i main spec affliction so haste is bigger than straight SP.
* Are you 7/7 Emblem of Triumph (T9) or better for the spec you wish to play ~Much further geared
* Have you completed the achievement "Call of the Crusader: 10 || 25" ~Yes
* Have you completed the achievement "Storming the Citadel: 10 || 25" ~ yes.. and plauge wings.

Final Thoughts:

* Do you have any questions or comments for us? ~I am avaliable 11:30 server - and on all night. patron told me those were decent hours, Tuesdays and wednesdays (starting in 2 weeks) i will have off, so anytime raids.
* Would you be willing to use the guild forums regularly as a form of communication, as well as for posting funny stuff to entertain your guildmates? ~Absolutely... possibly too much :)
* What makes you better than a zombie? ~This depends on the criteria of the zombie... if you mean the classic zombie, im faster, and react to running into a wall alot beter. If you mean the new age fast "smart" zombies like in I am Legend, I am possibly not better than him o_O BUT i can always strive eh?

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